When you get bored talking to tech support and have to read off serial numbers....

A again
B back
C champagne
D double
E eye
F finally
G gnaw
H heiress
I ink
J Jose
K knife
L line
M mnemonic
N number
O over
P phantom
Q quiche
R repeat
S skip
T triple
U unreadable
V verbose
W wrong
X Xerox
Y yes
Z zed

"F" was "five," but I reconsidered that cheating and changed it. The basic guide is that the initial letter shouldn't sound like familiar sounds for that letter ("P" = "phantom"), no foreign words ("Jose" is acceptable, though, by fiat), and if those aren't possible, then just make it as confusing as possible as though you were reading a serial number ("T" = "triple").

So MIDYE5I2USS becomes: mnemonic ink double yes eye FIVE ink TWO unreadable skip skip.


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